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A Closer Look


Commissioning has become a common practice among Christians. Particularly when a family is planting a church or going overseas on mission, the members of a church might gather around and pray over them as they’re sent out. 

It’s a way of remembering the purpose of what those called are being set out to do. In Ezra 8, after a lengthy exile, the Israelites have finally re-settled in their towns, the wall has been rebuilt and the people of God are finally able to get back to what they once knew. Notice in verse 1, the action that the people take, “They told Ezra, the teacher of the Law, to bring out the book of the Law of Moses.” 

What proceeds from this is a 6-hour session of reading, the Isrealites standing for the entire duration. This is how the Israelites sought to dedicate the new favour they’d been given - to the Lord. If they’re to go forward as God’s people, they were to do so worshipping God. 

The Israelites demonstrate to us a community-life centred around the world. Especially during new beginnings and times of transition, how could their dedication serve as a model to you? How might you go into your next chapter worshipping!

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