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A Closer Look


Jesus came that first Christmas - fully man, and fully God. The prophet Isaiah focuses on his humanity in Isaiah 11:1 when he says, “a shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit.” 

Jesse was David’s father, but as the stump indicates, this lineage that dates back to Judah has halted. The hope that a King from this line could mediate between God and His people was not possible. And so it takes Jesus coming. A shoot will come up from the stump. The lineage has found a way to continue as man. 

This time of year each of us is bound to consider our lineage. For loved ones not placing faith in God, it may feel like there is a stump in your family - that things have been cut off. This Christmas, remember that Jesus came to offer a fresh start, from his roots there will be a branch. 

But perhaps like Jesus’ forefathers, your family’s past mistakes have hurt people, including you. This Christmas also remember that if you trust in Jesus, you’re in God’s family, and are an heir to his eternal lineage.

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