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A Closer Look


At Christmas, we celebrate that Jesus has come to fill that which was lost. Luke’s account of Christ's birth describes this from the perspective of the righteous and devout Simeon. Luke 2:25 says “He was waiting for the consolation of Israel, and the Holy Spirit was on Him.” 

To receive consolation is to receive comfort after a loss. This is something we need. The Psalmist said that, “when anxiety was great within me, God’s consolation brought me joy.” The Psalmist identifies a deficiency in his life because of anxiety, and yet acknowledges that he is in God’s presence, therefore, he has joy to combat this. 

Now in the case of Simeon, he is waiting at the temple for the arrival of the Christ-child. And what Jesus represents is not just consolation for an anxiety-induced moment, but a saviour who has come to reconcile the deficit of sin for all mankind. Let us say confidently to God this Christmas season that we, like Simeon, have seen your salvation.

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