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A Closer Look


A lot of us, especially my generation, can be guilty of a microwave mentality. You see twenty-somethings starting successful businesses, and you think, why not me? The reality is most of the time, the new graduate to CEO progression isn’t normal. You’ve got to put in your time. 

Following the destruction of Israel’s temple, the people were turning a new page. They had been released from Babylon captivity and were in the process of making a new temple to worship in. Yet, they were pessimistic, they didn’t think this temple could measure up to the previous one of Solomon.

Zerubbabel was the governor of Judah at the time and was tasked with overseeing this construction. In the midst of his discouragement God says in Zechariah 4:10, “who dares despise the day of small things.” The Israelites were right, this temple wouldn’t be as grand as the previous one, but it would be more glorious. 

Not only that, this would be the temple that Jesus Christ would step in to perform ministry. And later Jesus would die on the cross for the possibility of a new temple to form in you with him living inside.

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