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A Closer Look


Jesus’ encounter with a woman at the well catches the Samaritan lady off-guard. In the midst of what is a routine water fill-up for her, Jesus persists that there is such a thing as living water, which upon drinking, she would never be thirsty again. 

In John 4:15 the woman responds to Jesus, “Sir, give me this water so that I won’t get thirsty and have to keep coming here to draw water.” Eventually the woman will realize that the living water Jesus is referring to is for her soul, and not her body. Yet in this request, whether she notices or not, the woman makes a profound insight. 

She says, ‘sir, give me this water…so I won’t have to keep coming back here.’ ‘Here’ when it comes to drinking water is the well, but as Jesus keys in more on her life, ‘here’ is really relationships: it’s her marital status. Having had five husbands and being with another man now, this is where the woman is going to draw water for her soul. And Jesus flags her down. That hasn’t brought fulfillment in her life, but following him will. 

Jesus will quench her thirst. Jesus will quench your thirst, just as long as he is the ‘here’ in your life.

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