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A Closer Look


It’s no coincidence that we’re often referred to as sheep. Even the Christians we hold in highest standing forget. Israel’s alliance with the Gibeonites is a clear example of that. 

After routing both Jericho and AI, the people of GIbeon try to strike a peace agreement with Israel, but they did this deceptively. The Gibeonites loaded their donkeys with worn-out sacks and wore old clothes to make it look like they came from a far-off land and God’s people were naive. Joshua 9:14 says “The Israelites sampled their provisions but did not inquire of the Lord.” 

Joshua, the leader of Israel, didn't do his due diligence. And it’s not even so much that he didn’t recall that God had forbidden Israel to make treaties with Canaanite people, but he didn’t inquire of God, he didn’t pray. This is the same Joshua who went to the mountain with Moses to receive God’s revelation, the same Joshua who had been trained in the use of Urim and Thummim for determining the will of God. Just like the disciples who failed to pray in casting out a demon, Joshua too fails to pray. 

Regardless of how close you may get to God. Remember that you always need to depend on Him.

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