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A Closer Look


We all make mistakes, but have you ever messed up so bad that you thought what you did couldn’t be used? I bet Abraham thought that. After passing through Gerar, in the region of Negev, for the second time Abraham tells a foreign nation that Sarah, his wife, is his sister. He did this in Egypt too out of fear that the Egyptians would kill him. 

We’re not given a reason for these antics in Gerar, although it’s likely for the same reason. After Sarah is taken away, it doesn’t take long for the King of Gerar to realize she’s actually Abraham’s wife. At this point, Sarah’s life is on the line a second time because of Abraham’s cowardly action. 

Yet check out what God does. He comes to Abimelek king of Gerar in a dream and he says in Genesis 20:7, “Now return the man’s wife, for he is a prophet, and he will pray for you and you will live.” 

Abraham’s messed up, he’s feared man more than God, but God delivers. Upon returning Sarah, Abraham prays to God, and Abimelek and all of his household are healed. God redeems what we deem unredeemable; He uses what to us is useless.

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