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A Closer Look


It can be so easy for your faith to become circumstantial when things don’t work out the first time. Joseph’s faithfulness in God despite enduring turmoil is an example that we can’t miss when it comes to believing that God will come through. 

Before getting sold off by his brothers, he shared with them the dreams he had of them bowing down to him. Of course, at the time, they didn’t believe him and it took a long time for this to be fulfilled. 

So when Joseph is in Egypt prison and Pharaoh’s cupbearer and baker both have their own dreams, it would have been easy for Joseph to just write them off. After all his own hadn’t come to fruition yet, so what’s to indicate that there’s will? 

Joseph’s response is one marked by faith. He says in Genesis 40, verse 8, “Do not interpretations belong to God? Tell me your dreams.” Sure enough Joseph seeks God and he makes sense of these dreams - they do pan out, just like his eventually will. 

The question is, are you allowing what hasn’t happened to you to dictate what could happen to someone else or are you trusting in God’s faithfulness?

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