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A Closer Look


As Canadians, we don’t often grasp just how precious water was to people in the Bible. For example, Israel is a borderline arid climate, seldom does it rain. Drought is the norm. Do you remember how parched the Israelites were on their march in the wilderness? As the people quarrelled, Moses struck the rock at Horeb, and God made it so water gushed out for the people to drink. 

And, this wasn’t the only time that their desperate thirst was quenched. It’s no wonder then that Isaiah 12:3 became such a common saying for the Jewish people: “With joy you will draw water from the wells of salvation.” 

The imagery was powerful - water is something that is absolutely necessary for our survival. And yet this is only an illustration, the wells that God is speaking of are spiritual ones - thirst for things like security, love, and protection. You see, while God was faithful to provide sources of water for the Israelites, they would become parched again, and the cycle would continue, just like it does on a smaller scale for you and I. 

What Jesus promised was that whoever drinks the water he gives will never thirst. Go ahead, take a drink of that!

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