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A Closer Look


When you’re waiting in life, you’re doing this with the expectation of a delivery. Your friend will arrive to meet you for coffee, the kids will come out of the school to be picked up. 

However, most of our circumstances don’t present the opportunity for such immediate results. So, the only way to remain steadfast is to have confidence in who you’re expecting. David says in Psalm 27:14, “Wait for the Lord, be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” To wait on God is really to depend on Him. To believe wholeheartedly that He will deliver on his promises. 

The late South African minister Andrew Murray went as far to say that “first we wait on God for salvation. Then we learn that salvation is only to bring us to God and teach us to wait on him.” One of the troubling parts about this is that we were designed to create, and to provide. These are good things, but if we’re not careful our good pursuits shape into instant demands. 

Whereas, if we really believe in God, after dealing with Him it’s in your best interest to take Habbakuk’s lead, to stand at your watch and station yourself like a good soldier on the ramparts.

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