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A Closer Look


Our temporary time on this earth is perhaps best expressed in what James says in his book, chapter 4 verse 14: “What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.” 

On a cold morning I’m sure you’ve experienced this where you can see your breath, but just like the mist, it quickly vanishes. James, the brother of Jesus, is in the middle of explaining the danger of boasting about tomorrow. And, here he asks a leading question: ‘What is your life?’ He’s trying to open us up and make us think, but he quickly responds with the answer. ‘You are a mist.’ In other words, your life has limitations. Just like the mist, it’s temporary, it’s not going to be here forever. But you know what is - Jesus Christ. So if we ask this question again, the best answer for what is your life is that it’s not your own. 

You were bought with a price, you belong to God. And therefore, rather than devoting your life to you who has the shelf life of your breath, why not devote your life to Jesus who just like with the disciples, breathed on you, and sent you to make Him known.

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