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A Closer Look


As Jesus sends out the 12 disciples, his instructions for them to proclaim the gospel in word and deed have a unique book-end - one that explains Jesus’ mission with precision. He says in Matthew 10:8, ”freely you have received, freely give.” 

For we must never forget that in Jesus trading places with us on the cross and forgiving us of our sins, it’s not just grace. He didn’t just give us what we don’t deserve, as if that’s not wonderful enough. But it’s more accurately free grace. 

As the Apostle Paul said, we’re justified freely. Isaiah said that there is no cost for the wine and bread and milk that we get to enjoy with God. So what does this have to do with sending out the disciples? It’s both a theological truth and an attitude. The 12’s power to heal the sick and drive out demons cost them nothing, and therefore, they are to carry out these gifts freely too. This is also why churches and ministries are so keen to make Bibles free. 

The barrier to receiving Jesus should never be a monetary cost. When the reality of Jesus’s free grace sinks in, it should motivate you to pass on this same gift, wrapped as a present just like it was for you.

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