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A Closer Look


Emotional vulnerability can be a dangerous place to be. We open ourselves up to others, but like Judas Iscariot we do so with intimacy and no covenant. There is a perceived trust but not a concrete one. 

Therefore, when a courtship ends or a friendship is soured, we’re left devastated for what we’ve shared and what we wish we didn’t. Following a series of miracles and healings, many people place faith in Jesus. 

In John 2:24, Our Lord’s response is baffling, “But Jesus would not entrust himself to them, for he knew all people.” Jesus welcomes these people to become his disciples, but despite their warm reception to his message he remains slightly guarded. Usually this term can have a negative connotation, suggesting that someone is cold or un-engaged, but with Jesus he’s just realistic.

He doesn’t show his hand because he knows our hearts are deceptive. He doesn’t place his destiny in the hands of others. When you really open yourself up to someone, you become tied to their approval. In this life that’s reserved for a select few. But as Jesus demonstrated, the only person to trust with all your heart is our God.

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