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The late French priest Jacques Marie Lois once said, “If God would concede me His power for 24 hours, you would see how many changes I would make in the world. But if He gave me His wisdom too, I would leave things as they are.”


We’re all chasing wisdom in some shape or form. Should I marry this person, take this job or buy that house? Wisdom tells you the answer; it knows the right thing to do in life situations.


Proverbs 3:19 says that “by wisdom the Lord laid the earth’s foundations, by understanding he set the heavens in place.” 


God is the ultimate source of wisdom. And He proves it in this verse. The earth’s foundations, the heavens placement – the very dimensions that we live within and will soon live within were established by the one who is all-wise.


Every single thing that orbits does so in these constraints and not outside.


Therefore, in the midst of you financial dilemma, during the uncertainty of your hardened relationship, wisdom for your next steps will best come from God and the godly people that He has placed in your life. 

A Closer Look

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