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Do you know anyone who is proud of their family name? Their heritage, business or even just general reputation –it almost gives them a kind of status.


I’ve got a buddy Shannon, who is quite handy. And whenever something is broken, just to reassure you that he can fix the problem, what he’ll usually say is “I’m John Hartford’s son.”


In 1 John 3:1 it says “See what great love that father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God.” In the same way that Shannon is validated in what he can do by his father, you’re validated in who you are by your Heavenly Father.


God lets you be called his child. Think about that for a second, God puts his perfect reputation on the line for you and me. To be called means to be owned.


This isn’t about God wanting to oppress you but it’s about Him wanting to address you for who you really are.


You’re a son or daughter of the Creator of the universe. It is love that God would send his one and only son so that you could be made right with God the judge, but it is even greater love that God would welcome you into His family as your Father. 

A Closer Look

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