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Have you ever been just floored by the sight a beautiful sunset or by the view you had from the top of a mountain?


I remember once on a canoe trip with my cousin Mark, one of the great outdoorsmen that I know, he said that many people make the mistake of coming out to a stunning lake like where we were and they worship creation, but not the Creator.

Genesis 1:1 says that ‘in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.’ What we see testifies to who God is.


In fact, if you’ve ever been challenged like I have for how it could be fair for someone to go through life and not get to hear the Gospel, you can point to the sky, you can point to Niagara Falls or the Rockies. What we’re living in, the creation of the world, the Apostle Paul says people are without excuse of seeing God, of seeing his majesty and his glory.


There’s been all sorts of tests conducted on the validity of Jesus rising from the dead. And, rightfully so, the Christian faith hinges on this. But I would go even further to say that the greatest miracle was actually God creating the universe. If God by His audible word could breathe life into the heavens and the earth, then every other miracle is at least possible. 

A Closer Look

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