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There may be nothing more frustrating than when someone disobeys you. 

You've got a rule at the house, and your kid knowingly goes behind your back or your employee thinks they can get away with cutting a corner. The reason this stings so much is because you've got this rule in place for a reason.  

Psalm 128:1 says that the Lord will bless you if you respect him and obey his laws. God's laws can come across as oppressive. That's when you take them at face value, if you truly get to know God's heart you'll see that He has them there to protect you, to help you, to make you flourish.


When you're not following God's laws you're like a fish out of the water. You're not going to live and thrive the way that He wants you to. But this comes out of respect, and the respect that God wants is for you to obey Him. 

And, when you do this, as Jesus says, you will have his joy (John 15:11).

There are going to be some days where it's difficult to obey God, but as it's been said, 'blessing is on the other side of perseverance,' and God is the one who grants that.

A Closer Look

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