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Towards the end of John Wesley’s life, the great hymn writer and preacher was being complemented for all the marvelous things he had done – songs he had written, the English revival he had played a key role in, Wesley had seen a lot. But do you know how he responded to such flattery? “Best of all, God was with us.” Simply put, there is nothing worth more, to know God is with you.


Jesus said in John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full.” Other translations refer to the life that Jesus promises as abundant.  


It’s plentiful and fulfilling. When sharing the gospel, we’re quick to point to the eternal life that Jesus provides – we’re no longer damned – our sins are forgiven, and we will be re-united with God once and for all.


This is an amazing promise, but so too is life now. Jesus came to give us eternal life, and we ought to realize the significance of the life he gives – life with purpose, life with love, life for God. When Jesus sits at the throne of our lives, we are rich in love. And like Wesley we know, that best of all God is with us.

A Closer Look

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