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A Closer Look

Part of what makes the Christmas story special is that it's simple enough for kids to understand, but yet has such complexity that you could spend your entire life studying it.


One element of Christ's birth that is often overlooked is the very place that he was born. As Luke records in the 2nd chapter of his gospel in verse 7, an angel appeared to the shepherds and said, "Today in the town of David a Saviour has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord."


If you've read through your Bible much, you're probably familiar with the 'city of David' referring to Jerusalem, but what about the 'town of David'?


Of course, where Jesus was born is Bethlehem - it's this off-the beaten path town, so what we learn here is that the great King David came to the world in the same place as Jesus did. In fact, in a lot of ways Jesus life mirrors David's about a thousand years later. Born in a barn, and the son of a carpenter Jesus isn't expected to mount up to much, and yet He is God in the flesh.


This Christmas consider where God might be in your life that you're not looking. And secondly, consider how God can use you just like David despite your background, despite your occupation, and despite your past.

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