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Coming out of university, I remember the advice for job interviews – if they ask you what your weakness is – it’s that you lack experience.


Now most of the time you’re the one seeking out the job, but in the case of Jeremiah, God had summoned him. He’d appointed him to be a prophet (Jer. 1:5). And if you recall the story, Jeremiah questions if he’s fit for the role because of his age. Scholars suggest that he was only about 17 at the time.


Regardless, God’s response is baffling: “Do not say, ‘I am too young.’ You must go to everyone I send you to and say whatever I command you."


Now I don’t think Jeremiah would be alone in seeing his age as a deficiency – it wasn’t like he was being assigned as a junior associate or an assistant, but a prophet.  What’s interesting is God doesn’t see the perceived limitation, rather He sees the potential in this young man.


How does Jeremiah get to the place where He can see this potential? How do you and I when we’re being called to the uncomfortable? The answer is in obedience. Over time Jeremiah sees what God sees. In obedience God will bring you from fearful to fearless. He’ll bring you to potential.

A Closer Look

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