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Have you ever been in the middle of what feels like a lot of transition? No home feels permanent; you’re always on the move.


In my final year of university, I counted five different houses that I lived at. In a lot of ways your time on earth is also quite transient. It’s temporary.


So when the Apostle Paul writes to the church of Galatia, he reminds the people in chapter 1 verse 4 that “…Christ gave himself as a sacrifice for our sins to rescue us from this evil world.”


This ‘evil world’ is what we’re in right now. A world marked by sin- opposition to God. The fact that you’re still living in it is exactly what makes it transient. Yes, there’s an age to come, one of new heavens and a new earth, but Christ’s rescue doesn’t just transfer you there.


You see, the point of Jesus’ death on the cross wasn’t to remove you out of this evil world, but to rescue you from the power of evil in it. What this means is whenever you feel overcome by those around you or tripped up by temptation, you can remember that Jesus has rescued you.


He hasn’t just rescued you to go to heaven one day; he’s also rescued you to live apart from this evil right now. 

A Closer Look

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