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A Closer Look


Do you remember the story when Jesus feeds the 5000?


He had been teaching a group of people for the good part of a day. Supper time hits, but rather than sending them all away, Jesus takes two fish, five loaves of bread and he feeds all the people.


Now this is amazing, there are even baskets of food left over, but the point of the story isn’t just that Jesus could feed them.


After they finished eating it says in John 6:15 that the people were so excited they wanted to grab Jesus and make him King in that moment. But, what happens?


Jesus escapes, he flees the scene. And I think we tend to glance past that part, like what’s this all about? Why doesn’t Jesus just pick up the crown? The reason he doesn’t is because Jesus first and foremost came to feed your soul.  


And so I encourage you, go out, meet the physical needs of the needy people in your community, feed them, clothe them – absolutely, but just remember that that’s secondary.


That’s secondary to the spiritual food, pointing people to Jesus, pointing them to the only place where they will truly be filled up. 

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