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There are a lot of big words that get thrown around in the Christian faith. Some that can be confusing without investigation.


In Romans 3:24 Paul says, “all are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus.” That word ‘justified’ can trip you up, but it’s really quite simple. To be justified means for a person to be declared just – by Jesus dying on the cross and resurrecting – his redemption frees you from the penalty of sin.


The penalty held against you was sin. But by now finding identity in Jesus , every time you offend God you can be assured that the price has already been paid.


And I’m sure you’ve heard the question that follows that, if God is willing to forgive me? Can I not just keep sinning? Well, the reason that you’re just is because you’ve obtained the righteousness of Christ – that’s how God sees you now. He sees you through Jesus. And so your motivation to live changes – you love God and therefore, you love what he loves, and you hate what he hates.


To be justified is the first step God takes in transforming you. This is something to thank God for every single day.

A Closer Look

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