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It’s easy to get so focused on your own life that you forget everything else that God is up to.


In the book of Habakkuk, we have this prophet who has seen Jerusalem go from revival to rejection of God, there is pain and suffering within their own country, and Habakkuk is having a tough time understanding why.


As God hears this heartfelt cry, His response is quite baffling. He says, “Look at the nations and watch  and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your day that you would not believe, even if you were told" (Hab 1:5). 

A key in this verse is for Habakkuk to take his focus off of his own life for a second and to look at the nations. That’s plural. God is alluding to his plan of using the Babylonians to do a deep work among Israel.


And what’s important for us to remember is that God does the same thing with us. He is over the entire world, over every nation – I know sometimes it doesn’t always feel like it, but He is. And his plan for your life, it fits into a bigger plan.


God is working out the condition and destiny of the entire world. You and I are an important, but small part of that. 

A Closer Look

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