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There comes a point where a parent can only do so much in directing their child to live for God, you have to make your faith your own.


The youngest king to ever rule in Jerusalem was a guy named Joash. At the age of seven he took the throne. And believe it or not, after a long string of evil Kings, he did a lot of good.


He helped restore the temple - hired masons and carpenters to get it back to its original design, took up regular offerings for the priests, but here’s the thing. As soon as he lost his right hand man, Jehoida, he changed.


2 Chronicles 24:2 says “Joash did what was right in the eyes of the Lord all the years of Jehoida the priest.” Not all of his years, Joash was king for four decades. But, once his chief priest died, Joash abandoned the temple, he started worshiping idols, he even had Jehoida's son killed.


We’re talking like a night and day difference. I’m not suggesting that those in your life who aren’t so sure about their faith are going to go on a massacre like this when you’re not around, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask them and yourself, whose faith are you living by?

A Closer Look

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