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Just under a month ago an announcement was made by the King of Sweden, King Carl Gustaf has removed some of his grandchildren from the royal family. Gustaf's oldest, crown Princess Victoria is the only one whose children haven’t been stripped of their royal status.


Now back in the days of Moses there was a similar scene of events where God made some cuts for those who had direct access to Him. After some pretty serious idolatry by the Israelites, God decided that going forward only those in the tribe of Levi would be His representatives –only they would be his priests.


What's amazing today is that because Jesus has gone to the cross, this priesthood has been extended to all believers.


1 Peter 2:9 says that you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood. One of the main reasons why Gustaf removed his grandchildren from royalty was so they would be free from the Kingdom.


God does the opposite; he makes us royal so that we would be free to live for God's kingdom. So on those days that you feel worthless, remember the royal value ascribed to you, and remember the gift you have to freely communicate with God.

A Closer Look

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