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For many Christians today, knowledge has become a kind of currency. But the more you know doesn’t always equate to you being more Christlike.


You see, while intellect and theology are important for helping shape the way that you see God and our world, we have to step back and remember how God shaped us. God is love, and he made us first to be people of love.


Check out Philippians 1:9. Paul says, “And this is my prayer that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and in depth of insight.” The key here is not that we would just be deposits of rich knowledge, but that our love would trigger this.


Calvin College professor James K.A. Smith puts it this way, “It’s not that I know in order to love, it’s that I love in order to know.”


This comes back to God’s design for us, we’re loving beings before we’re thinking beings. So don’t just take inventory of your thoughts, but consider, what are you hungering for? What are you thirsting after? It is really Jesus?


There is a correlation. Don’t just absorb information for the sake of it, love so that this Jesus can really transform you.

A Closer Look

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