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One of the most prevalent themes in the Bible is suffering. Why would a good God allow His people to suffer? War, concentration camp, sickness, pandemic - how are we to make sense of it? These are good questions, but perhaps they need to be rephrased.


We’re told in Deuteronomy that the secret things belong to the Lord our God. I bring this up because we may not be able to explain ‘why’ and that’s okay.


Making sense is possible to a degree, there are a lot of incredible minds, but when you consider Jesus’ life, we find something greater than making sense, we find a Saviour who can empathize with us. Jesus faced unjust suffering like no one ever has or will. Jesus went to the cross because as the disciple John recorded in John 3:16 because “God so loved the word.”


Do you know what that means? Even if we don’t know why we go through suffering, surely we know why we don’t go through suffering, it’s not because God doesn’t love us. So it’s not so much how to make sense of this, but who to turn to. God loves you, and he has given you Jesus.

A Closer Look

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