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Chronicles from the Road

Day 6

Following the first good night sleep at Brad's bachelor pad, we spent the bulk of Friday running errands. The Dodge Journey got a much needed oil change, and after several calls to auto glass dealerships and the insurance, Brad finally decided on a place to fix his windshield. Tom Thompson quoted him $295, which was a few hundred dollars cheaper than competitors.

Later, 'Turtle' ordered Seattle Mariners tickets for Sunday and I made plans to connect with friends in the Vancouver area tomorrow.

We then headed to IKEA in Port Coquitlam, Brad had a list of items he still needed to furnish his apartment. What an experience! I had never to one before, but had thoroughly studied the Swedish store's marketing techniques in a University course that I took at Western.

Entering an IKEA is like going into a new home that displays every possible piece of furniture you could use for each room. It's set up with clearly marked showrooms and large arrows in the hallway signalling pedestrians to move to one room after the other. There's no way to really exit without seeing the store in its entirety.

We reached the checkout with collection of furniture that Brad had accumulated. Putting together the IKEA furniture proved to be challenging, but nothing that our trio couldn't conquer. By the end of the evening Brad had rearranged his bachelor pad in a sophisticated and practical way that truly enhances his space.

Brad's bachelor pad in Chilliwack, BC

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