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Chronicles from the Road

Day 2

We set off for Winnipeg early on the Civic Holiday Monday. After a cool, and slightly unpleasant sleep, Jordan bolted out of our tent at dawn. He ran so fast it made me second guess his infamous nickname ‘Turtle.’

After a couple of shifts at the wheel, I was reminded again how well this nickname suits him. The further we got away from the campground, we also began to distance ourselves from Lake Superior.

The last city we got a good view of the lake from was Thunder Bay, but this stop that we gazed at Lake Superior from had an extra bit of Canadian significance. Prior to pulling off the highway we passed a sign marking where Terry Fox ended his cross-Canada run.

Upon becoming induced with cancer in the late 1970s, the determined athlete set off from Newfoundland hobbling on one leg across Canada to raise money for cancer research. Terry was forced to stop running near Thunder Bay which is where a monument has been made in his honour.

His efforts have inspired thousands of fundraising efforts since and his story is shared each year. For me, seeing the statue at the height of Terry’s marathon gave me an even greater appreciation for all that he accomplished.

Once past Thunder Bay, the rest of the drive to Winnipeg is primarily forest. It’s not nearly as scenic, this leg of our journey was a little further than our first too. All that to say, the novelty of going on a cross-country road trip was beginning to wear off.

Up until this point humourous dialogue and relieving music occupied most of our travelling time, but we added another source of entertainment: phone calls.

Our trio compiled a list of mutual friends who might provide engaging calls, and for the most part they delivered. These calls were highlighted by an exciting call to childhood friend Sam Redhead. He and my preschool mate Anna Bolton just got engaged!

Eventually the Canadian terrain shifted in our travels, and all you could see were wheat and canola fields.Our Dodge Journey then exited into Winnipeg. After grabbing a quick Wendy’s supper, we arrived at my friend Christian Aumell’s apartment for our second night’s lodging.

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