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Chronicles from the Road

Day 1

Brad, ‘Turtle’, and I departed from Toronto with Brad’s Dodge Journey hauling a “dandy” small, enclosed trailer closely behind. The SUV is filled to the brim with a life’s worth of Brad’s belongings, and many others are stacked efficiently in his trailer.​

The first leg of our journey was highlighted by the stunning waterfront of Georgian Bay, the smoke stacks that help define Sudbury, and of course, Lake Superior. After about 10 hours of driving we planned to camp at Lake Superior Provincial Park (just South of Wawa) for our first night. The Provincial Park, which might be the prettiest one I’ve camped at in Ontario, helped further sink in the beauty of Lake Superior.

A short hike to Old Woman’s Bay opened a view of the largest Great Lake in a way I had never seen before. The jagged bluffs along the shoreline are an exceptional vantage point to see Superior from. I recommend you make the time for this hike.

Aside from the coveted location, as I’ve learned in my previous travelling experiences, the people are always more memorable than the place. A couple of girls from Wisconsin were having some trouble starting a fire at the campsite across from ours. We invited them to join us for supper around our fire pit, and pooled our firewood together.

Later in the evening Brad’s friend Meg, a clerk at the campground, also came to our campsite. We spent the evening trading stories from our hometowns and informing each other of what our country’s value most.

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