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Introducing "Culture At A Crossroads"

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Since working in radio and media I can't count the number of people who have suggested I start a podcast. Through the internet, these digital audio files are another way that technology has not only brought the world closer together, but has given the consumer greater choice.

The word 'podcast' comes from 'ipod' and 'broadcast.' The grand appeal is the portability, wide-ranging, authentic content can be accessed anywhere you go pending the most recent downloaded.

It's only been over the past few years that I've begun listening to podcasts myself. As I've become immersed in the stimulating conversations, and captivating storytelling from my favourites it's become further apparent to me the sheer amount of work involved (just like in any form of broadcast).

For this reason I've picked a subject that I'm so passionate about that the time I put into production doesn't feel like work, but rather it feels likes an extension of my life.

With this ever-growing medium, I also didn't want to reinvent a podcast already being streamed. Based on my research, long-form conversations with influential Canadians that helps both define this cultural moment and articulate meaning for Christians is not on the market until now.

Welcome to Culture At A Crossroads. My aim with this podcast is simple: to be a resource that goes deeper for Canadians. Beyond the soundbite, this will be a space for needed dialogue, dialogue that doesn't stop here.

You can also stay up to date on your preferred podcast platform, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.

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