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Redeeming Social Media

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

In 2020 I think it would be safe to say that we're living in an identity crisis. Feeling and expression of the inner self (while needed) has been, in my opinion, emphasized to an unhealthy degree. This leaves us at a point where the notion of 'subjective truth' has blurred itself into what we believe about ourselves.

While social media can be used as a tool to help solidify who you are, its repercussions are also well-documented. Haven't you fallen into the trap of comparison?

Scrolling through your news feed is done with the intention of staying informed on your friends' lives, but you can come away feeling self-conscious. This is because with each post you read there's the possibility you further scrutinize the image projected on your online profile. Is this really true of me?

Everything comes back to you.

If you see a photo of a group of people that includes you, what's the first thing that you look for?

If you're being honest, usually it's yourself, right. How do I look?

And that's not to say that you shouldn't project a good social media image; in the 21st century this is an important way to stay connected.

But, how do you strike a healthy balance? We are innately selfish people and this is revealed in our Facebook and Instagram tendencies, just like it is in real life

We need to go onto social media with refined perspective. Maybe, it's praying before you scroll on Twitter or just having a really clear intention for you next 10 minutes.

You already know that social media can be beneficial or you wouldn't have an account(s). Being alerted of friends' anniversary dates, and brainstorming how to get ink off a hardwood floor are a couple of the ways that I know I've been helped by it.

Now, what if your approach with each site visit was for the sake of others? I have a cousin Kristin who is consistently filling up my news feed with heartfelt birthday posts. She'll include a picture and a lengthy description of what a particular friend means to her. It's commendable.

The hope at LIFE 100.3 is that every article we share, every short video we produce, and every blog one of our DJ's writes encourages you, builds you up, and points to Jesus.

What if you could make your social media profiles the extension of your life that Jesus wants? This doesn't mean every photo has to be captioned with a Bible verse or that each video is your cover to the latest worship song. But, what if your activity pointed to Christ. What if with every post it became evident to your followers that in your life Jesus is becoming greater and you are becoming less (John 3:30).

We have truth, we have Jesus, and with him we not only who we are, but we realize our ultimate purpose.

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