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Western Canada: Take 2

When my long-time childhood friend Brad Robinson first shared the news that he accepted a job to teach in Chilliwack, British Columbia, I began processing the idea to travel west with him. Despite my desire to hold off travelling since my West coast trip last year, and a semester abroad in Wales in 2015, I knew a trip like this would be rare and that Brad could use a secondary driver.

From L to R: Brad, Me, 'Turtle'

Plans further developed; another childhood friend, Jordan ‘Turtle’ Trudell, and I both committed to join Brad for his journey to Chilliwack. I welcome the opportunity to strengthen friendships through new experiences.

On Sunday, August 6th we set off from Toronto for a 40+ hour drive on a nearly identical route that my cousin Marcus and I took last year. Our 2016 was devoted to adventure: skiing and hiking in Banff, surfing in Tofino, rock climbing in Squamish, and everything in between.

Although we reached the peek to many of Canada’s outdoors enthusiast destinations last April, there were many other worthwhile stops that we simply flew by on the Trans-Canada. Two-and-a-half weeks only gives you a snap shot of our great country.

More than a year later, I’m ready to see parts of Canada through a different l​​ens with other great friends.

Marcus and I at the Olympic rings in Whistler, BC

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