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Over the years many people that have drowned – either they couldn’t swim or they just couldn’t withstand the conditions at sea. A coast guard is someone who rescues those caught out in these horrific storms.


While it would be tempting to make the comparison that Jesus is like a coast guard for us, that wouldn’t go far enough.


Romans 5:6 says that “when we were still powerless, Christ died for the ungodly.” In other words, Jesus didn’t just toss you a life jacket when it felt like you could no longer tread water, he went to the bottom of the lake, pulled out your dead body and restored you back to life. Graphic as that it is, we were powerless, dead in our transgressions, unable to muster up any life with God apart from Christ’s rescue.


"Christ died for the ungodly,” that means at one time we all neglected God and rebelled against him. Even with your best intentions, you couldn’t climb up to God, He had to come down to you. So on those days when it feels like you’ve failed, you messed up at work, you let down your spouse, you let down God, remember that when you were powerless Christ died for you.


God loved you at your worst, and his love for you hasn’t changed.

A Closer Look

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