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Money means power. It enables you to buy a home, to invest, to have status. How much you have often determines the kind of life you live. But with God we’re taught to re-think this.


In Proverbs 8:11, the writer describes that “wisdom is more precious than rubies, and nothing you desire can compare to her.”


To the Christian, wisdom is currency. As New York Times best-selling author Tim Keller puts it, “wisdom is knowing the right thing to do in the great majority of life situations the moral rules don’t address.”


In other words, following religious code won’t give you its permit. It can’t be purchased, nor gained in one transaction. When you gain wisdom, you obtain knowledge, discretion, counsel and sound judgement.


Wisdom is beyond your greatest desires, it increases your capacity to see those around you with love, and it directs you to complete your work with greater purpose. Some people spend their whole lives chasing wisdom - in the business they drum up, and the books they read.


But, the truth is, wisdom and godliness have the same meaning. And, therefore, God has given you an access point to wisdom through Jesus Christ. Are you taking advantage?  

A Closer Look

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