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Have you ever bought into the idea that as soon as you get out of a particular season things will change? Once the kids are no longer toddlers you’ll make more time for God, or as soon as you’re earning a higher salary, then you’ll start giving to the church. Well, what happens when you cross the road and do get to the other side?


Too often our experience is like the people of Israel. There is always a new carrot dangling in front of us that needs to be conquered.


After returning to worship in their homeland after years of Babylonian exile, the Israelites still aren’t happy. They had managed to rebuild a temple and rebuild in Jerusalem, and yet because they didn’t have the kingdom of David and Solomon, they weren’t happy. And they even believed that because this didn’t happen that God no longer cared about them. Unfortunately, when we too adopt this conditional thinking, not only do we limit God, but we fail to understand what a relationship with Him really looks like.


After several rebukes of the people, the prophet Malachi offers this great promise in Malachi 3:7, “Return to me and I will return to you.” Rather than brainstorm the circumstances needed for you to be content, pursue God. Find a way, and you’ll see him more clearly. 

A Closer Look

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